Allsteel Parallel Collection



Introducing Parallel, a collection of soft seating and coordinating tables that adapts to a variety of spaces. Parallel is at home in reception areas and collaborative workspaces, accommodating different functions while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. With HBF Textiles, Allsteel fabrics, or a designer’s own material, Parallel provides a canvas to make a strong first impression anywhere it’s used.

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Allsteel Gather Collection

allsteel Gather

Gather    Where ideas meet

We are social beings. We convene, congregate, confer, and collaborate. We come together to discuss, disagree, ideate, share, brainstorm, and solve problems. Sometimes, we want to be heard. Other times, we're there to listen. Large groups​​ and small. Planned and impromptu. We gather when we have a job to do and often, we do it better in the company of others. It's the way work gets done. Because something special happens when we GATHER.

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Allsteel Involve


Involve    Share work as it happens

Involve's modular design brings everything together to accommodate all the different ways work gets done. From private office to open plan and beyond. It incorporates soft seating to encourage interaction, laminate storage options to support active work, and screens that define space and create varied separation.
By incorporating soft seating to create impromptu meeting areas, Involve transforms a collection of individual workstations into a dynamic neighborhood that encourages spontaneous collaboration. Allowing you to easily shift from individual work to group interaction.

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Allsteel Merge


Merge Cafe    Adapt and respond

Merge tables make sense across the entire office because they make it easier to get people together. Merge tables adapt and respond with a variety of options that work as well outside the primary workspace as they do in it. In café spaces, choose from a variety of tabletop shapes and heights to accommodate large and small groups. In addition to cafe, Merge offers conference and multi-purpose tables.

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HON Flock Collaborative


Flock    Where people migrate

Everyone feels the need to get up and move during the day, and Flock supports that need for spontaneity and interaction by enabling greater productivity throughout an entire environment. Flock’s collection of tables, seating, ottomans and lighting are modular elements that help people connect virtually anywhere. Even the smallest settings can be designed to give users a place to get away from their workstation and get the job done stylishly and comfortably. Flock’s focused family of products is designed to work together to turn any space into a social, collaborative area.

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