Desking & Benching

Allsteel Desking


Stride is a comprehensive collection of surfaces, storage, and traditional and light-scale space division that creates productive and inspiring workspaces that support different tasks and worker generations.
A flexible kit-of-parts works together throughout the entire office to respond to changing needs, from traditional panel-based workstations to high-performance private offices. Stride offers great design for the environment, for a variety of workers, and for changing business needs. In addition to desking, Stride also offers panels, benching, and storage.

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Involve's modular design brings everything together to accommodate all the different ways work gets done, from private office to open plan and beyond. It incorporates soft seating in the primary user space to encourage spontaneous interaction, laminate storage options that support active work, and worksurfaces and screens that define space and create varied separation.
A variety of worksurfaces sizes and shapes, as well as table legs, stanchions, and supports help you design solutions that accommodate a range of workstyles.

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Cadence offers freestanding desks, credenzas, and storage for unlimited versatility in a private office setting. Its modular flexibility lets you personalize any environment and accommodate a range of needs with a variety of worksurface shapes, multiple worksurface edges, and a complete paint finish and laminate offering. Plus, it's compatible with Concensys, Allsteel storage solutions, and Extensions work tools.

Durable, long-lasting, heavy-gauge steel construction and metal-to-metal connection points make installation and reconfiguration reliable and easy.

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Allsteel Benching


Stride Benching is a new-generation worksetting well-suited for a flexible, collaborative environment. It fosters collaboration by eliminating barriers to teamwork, supports users who spend the majority of their day away from their workspace, and can be scaled to meet the needs of a variety of workers.
Stride Benching features unique storage, a range of separation options, and exceptionally easy access to power. It blends cohesively with the full Stride offering to create one beautiful, functional space. As with all Stride offerings, it offers great design for the environment, for a variety of workers, and for changing business needs. In addition to benching, Stride also offers panels, desking, and storage.


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VOI   Your Desk, Your Way

Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage solutions for every application—private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more—it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace. Designed to meet the needs of any user, Voi's layered worksurfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style.


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Watson Miro

watson miro-2

Miro   A conjunction of Form, Function, and Efficiency

The value of Miro lies in its departure from outdated private office furniture concepts. This includes aesthetic advantages arising from new materials and construction methods, configuration superiority derived from modularity, and remarkable cost efficiency. Miro’s most striking aspect, however, is the emotional connection it can create with designers and end users unaccustomed to product offerings with this level of visual impact and common sense. Miro’s strong blend of environmentally preferred materials, advanced design for today’s technologies, and broad range of styles and price points place the offering in a unique position in the marketplace.


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Gunlocke Medley


Medley   A warmth of wood

Flexible, clean-lined Medley offers Gunlocke quality at an attractive price point. Durable construction, glass modesty panel options and a great range of worksurface shapes are just a few of the elements in Medley’s appealing mix. The Medley collection also includes conference tables, conferencing support products and occasional tables.


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Gunlocke Silea Open Office


Silea Open Office

Silea Open Office delivers a private office experience to individuals in the open plan. With its substantial presence, high-end fit and finish, and the warmth of its materials, the collection offers a level of sophistication unlike anything else in this category. Its wide range of configurations includes options that maximize individual privacy and storage as well as those designed to facilitate collaboration.


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Gunlocke Trio

gunlocke trio


Trio delivers an endless array of cohesive design options for every office from transitional to contemporary. It features a wide range of veneers, paint, glass and plastic laminate combinations for an expansive aesthetic flexibility. Trio can meet the needs of an organization at every level and does so without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship that is synonymous to Gunlocke.


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Gunlocke Credentials



Gunlocke's latest casegood offers thoughtfully considered solutions for private offices. Credentials makes a distinctive statement about the person sitting behind the desk - one that embodies accomplishment, confidence and luxury.


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Paoli Kindle



Kindle was designed to offer you an adaptable series to meet the needs of both open and private offices where design flexibility is a must. We wanted to give you a broad choice of materials and details along with modular and assembled product options that let you exercise your design muscles while providing ample storage and configuration options to meet nearly any budget. A broad selection of storage options that include standard and multi-face designs combined with multiple work surface depths make Kindle ideal for today's smaller footprint.


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Indiana Canvas

Indiana Canvas


Define your look. Canvas is an effortless choice for realistic and stylish laminate product that gives you the warm aesthetic of wood. From casual to upscale styles you never imagined you could afford, Canvas brings you countless color, pull, and profile options that inspire a multitude of different configurations. All so incredibly realistic, no one would guess it’s laminate. Not to mention, sustainable attributes such as being GREENGUARD and BIFMA level 2 certified.


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