“Thank you. I cannot imagine how we could have done it without your professionalism, personal integrity and commitment to see the job done right through to the finish.”

Doug Palm, Director of Facilities, PATH

“Peoples Bank and COI have partnered together over the years on a number of projects. At Peoples we strive to provide a space that is beautiful and functional – COI gets it. Most impressive about COI is their willingness, at all levels, to understand our needs; whether it is a budget, time line or client experience we are trying to achieve they listen carefully, present options and then work diligently to delivery. For Peoples, COI is more than simple a vendor but truly an extension of our facilities department.”   

Tony Repanich, Peoples Bank

“Their responsiveness was superb at all levels of the organization. It did not matter the issue, from product specifications, delivery, punch list, completion, accounting and invoicing – they responded to our every need and request in a timely and quality manner. They were repeatedly asked for unusual and creative solutions, and they repeatedly provided excellent and successful responses. We set the standard and they always meet or exceed our standards.”

Randal Brand, Director of Facilities/Architect, Polyclinic