Allsteel Stride


Stride   People-Centric. Adaptable. Responsible.

The way we work has changed. Each of us has to connect, collaborate, be creative, and get more done in less time and in a smaller space. Stride responds by maximizing every inch you have, every resource you bring to the office, and every interaction with people, paper, and anything that powers up.

Space that works like an office, but feels like home. A Stride office is as high performance as the people who work there. Because each component of Stride was designed with every other component in mind, the entire collection works together seamlessly. Countless, thoughtful details have been designed to increase comfort and improve effectiveness so workers can reach their full potential.

Stride was developed by considering the entire floorplan, so it’s easy to move between private office and open plan with one platform. Rail-based off-modularity and universal components allow you to evolve from an environment with more separation between offices to a more open approach. Stride keeps pace with your business needs today and tomorrow.


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Allsteel Further


Further   Powerful Possibilities

Further, an agile furniture system that includes surfaces, supports, screens and storage that can be configured to form a wide variety of work environments, was presented with the Gold award in the furniture system category. Further’s unique trapezoidal-shaped work surfaces offer an alternative approach to 120-degree planning. Whether designers are looking for configurations like a linear bench or other organic work settings, Further has a solution to fit all work spaces and styles, opening the door to free thinking, planning and inspiration.


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Allsteel Terrace


Terrace   Building Blocks for a Better Office

Terrace systems furniture offers flexible space-planning solutions for a variety of design applications and work environments. It provides numerous product choices, considered detailing, and a wide range of fabric and finish options to create a design statement or reflect your company's values.
Terrace offers more aesthetic differentiation and increased design flexibility – from open, light-scale, collaborative worksettings with lower panel heights to more private spaces with higher panels. With so many options, it's no wonder Terrace offers the best price-to-performance ratio for planning today's workspaces.


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Allsteel Optimize


Optimize   Behind the style, you'll find built-in quality

In today's business climate, you need to get the most out of every decision you make. And when it's time to invest in quality workstations, Optimize gives you more for your money while giving your employees more of what they need to work efficiently and effectively. Whether you're outfitting a call center, creating teaming areas, replacing a reception desk, or need a new manager station, Allsteel can help you make the most of your office with Optimize.


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