Planning Tool

Explore the possibilities.

COI has cutting-edge software that allows you to bring your office design and workplace ideas to life. We offer a variety of software formats so you can choose the resources that are right for your office furniture project, then explore all the amazing possibilities.


Revit is a robust 3D design software used to create BIM (Building Information Modeling). Utilized by architects and designers, Revit combines all aspects of a building into a single model. It can be used through multiple design phases including space planning, documenting, and 3D rendering.


SketchUp is an easy and intuitive 3D modeling software used to communicate designs at multiple phases of a project. SketchUp is popular for quickly developing design intent and showing multiple configurations and finish options. Plug-ins are available to achieve high-quality renderings. Visit the Typicals Gallery for SketchUp drawings.


3D CAD provides a three-dimensional view of an Allsteel typical or furniture arrangement, offering a more realistic visual.


2D CAD provides two-dimensional Allsteel product symbols for drawing and layout functions.